CSP and HTML Tag Reference
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Specifies runtime include of a CSP file.
General Attributes
Attribute Description Value
PAGE The CSP page or file to include at this point. A string.
The CSP:INCLUDE tag includes another csp page or file at runtime. If there is a problem with the include then it will call the error page to display the error, setting the parameter Error:IncludePage to the page it was trying to include.
You can use the CSP:INCLUDE tag to create components and then include these components within your CSP pages.
You can specify files for inclusion that have extensions other than .csp or .cls. In this case, the internal web serer retrieves the file for inclusion in the CSP page and the Serve files flag must be set to Yes in CSP application configuration on the [Home] > [Security Management] > [CSP Applications] > [Edit CSP Application] page.
Therefore, it is recommended that you use .csp or .cls files for inclusion to avoid having to turn this flag on.
CSP:Include Example
The following runs the CSP page, includedpage.csp, to render a section of HTML within a container CSP page:
<CSP:INCLUDE PAGE="includedpage.csp?PARAM=ABC">
See Also
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