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Describes the structure of a property definition. Note that a relationship is a property.
A property contains information relevant to an instance of a class. You can add property definitions to object classes. They are not meaningful in other kinds of classes.
A property definition has the following structure:
/// description Property name As classname (parameter_list) [ keyword_list ] ;
Or (for a list property):
/// description Property name As List Of classname (parameter_list) [ keyword_list ] ;
Or (for an array property):
/// description Property name As Array Of classname (parameter_list) [ keyword_list ] ;
Or (for a relationship property):
Relationship name As classname [ keyword_list ] ;
/// Person's Social Security number. 
Property SSN As %String(PATTERN = "3N1""-""2N1""-""4N") [ Required  ]; 
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