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XData Blocks
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Describes the structure of an XData block.
An XData block is a named unit of data that you include in a class definition, typically for use by a method in the class. Most frequently, it is a well-formed XML document, but it could consist of other forms of data, such as JSON.
An XData block has the following structure:
/// description XData name [ keyword_list ]  { data }
XData Contents [ XMLNamespace="" ]
  <page xmlns="" title="HelpDesk">
    <html id="title">My Title</html>
      <pane paneName="menuPane"/>
      <spacer width="20"/>
      <vgroup width="100%" valign="top">
        <pane paneName="tablePane"/>
        <spacer height="20"/>
        <pane paneName="detailPane"/>
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