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This keyword controls when the property is recomputed. Applies only to triggered computed properties.
To specify when a property is recomputed, use the following syntax:
Property name As classname [ SqlComputed, SqlComputeCode=sqlcomputecode, SqlComputeOnChange = propertynames ];
Where sqlcomputecode is described in SqlComputeCode and propertynames is either a single property name or a comma-separated list of property names. This value can also include the values %%INSERT or %%UPDATE.
Note that you must use the actual property names, rather than the values given by SqlFieldname.
This keyword applies only to triggered computed properties; it is ignored for other properties. (A triggered computed property is a property for which SqlComputed is true and SqlComputeCode is specified, but for which Calculated and Transient are both false. See Defining a Computed Property in Using Caché Objects.)
This keyword controls the conditions under which this property is recomputed. Recomputation can result from:
If the keyword has a value of %%INSERT or %%UPDATE, then INSERT or UPDATE calls, respectively, specify event-triggered computation of the value of the field (property).
Any event-triggered computation occurs immediately before validation and normalization (which themselves are followed by writing the value to the database).
Event-triggered computation of a field’s value may override any explicitly specified value for the property, depending on the code that computes the property’s value.
The default value for the SqlComputeOnChange keyword is an empty string.
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