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Specifies the binding style or SOAP invocation mechanism used by this query, when it is used as a web method. Applies only in a class that is defined as a web service or web client.
To override the default binding style used by the query (when it is used as a web method), use the following syntax:
Query name(formal_spec) As classname [ WebMethod, SoapBindingStyle = soapbindingstyle ]
Where soapbindingstyle is one of the following values:
For a web service that you create manually, the default value of this keyword is usually suitable. When you generate a web client or service from a WSDL with the SOAP Wizard, Caché sets this keyword as appropriate for that WSDL; if you modify the value, your web client or service may no longer work.
This keyword lets you specify the binding style used by this query when it is invoked as a web method.
For a given query, this keyword overrides the SoapBindingStyle class keyword.
If you omit this keyword, the style attribute of <soap:operation> element is determined instead by the value for the SoapBindingStyle class keyword instead.
Relationship to WSDL
For information, see the entry for the SoapBindingStyle method keyword. (Note that the class keyword of the same name affects more parts of the WSDL than the method keyword and query keyword do.)
Effect on SOAP Messages
For information, see the entry for the SoapBindingStyle class keyword.
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