Caché MultiValue Basic Reference
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Assigns a value to a variable.
LET var=expression
var Any valid variable name.
expression Any MVBasic expression that resolves to a value.
The LET statement assigns the value of expression to the variable var. You can perform the same assignment operation by just specifying var=expression without the LET keyword. For further details on assignment operations, refer to the Variables page of this manual.
LET permits value assignment to all valid variable names, including variable names that are keywords. For clarity and compatibility, use of keywords as variable names is discouraged.
The following examples use LET to assign values to the variable x:
LET x=12
LET x="Fred"
LET x="Con":"catenate"
LET x=""
LET x=4+4*3;    ! Returns 16
LET x=(4+4)*3;  ! Returns 24
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