Caché MultiValue PROC Reference
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Preface : 
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Symbols Used in Caché MultiValue PROCs — A table of characters used in Caché MultiValue PROCs as operators, etc.
Reference B: 
PQ, PQN, PQX — The first line of a PROC.
Reference C: 
+ — Adds an integer to a field in the input buffer.
- — Subtracts an integer from a field in the input buffer.
( — Transfers execution to another PROC, no return.
[ — Transfers execution to another PROC, then returns.
A — Copies a field from the input buffer to the output buffer.
B — Moves the input buffer pointer backwards.
BO — Moves the output buffer pointer backwards.
C — Specifies a single-line comment.
D — Displays a field from the input buffer.
F — Moves the input buffer pointer forward.
FB, FBU — Opens a file and reads a record into the fast file buffer.
F-CLEAR — Clears the file buffer.
F-DELETE — Deletes the file buffer oref.
F-FREE — Frees the lock on a specified item in the file buffer.
F-KLOSE — Closes the file buffer.
F-OPEN — Opens a file and assigns it to a file buffer.
F-READ — Reads a record into a file buffer.
F-UREAD — Reads a record into a file buffer and applies an update lock.
F-WRITE — Writes a record from the file buffer to the file.
GO — Go to a label.
GOSUB — Go to a label with option to return.
H — Adds a string to the output buffer.
IF, IFN — Conditionally executes a command.
IH, IBH — Inserts a string into the active input buffer.
IN, IBN — Reads input from the user terminal into the SIB.
IP, IBP — Reads input from the user terminal into a specified buffer or select list.
IS, IBS — Prompts for input.
M — Marks a location in the PROC.
MV — Moves a value into a buffer or select list.
MVA — Adds an element to a dynamic array.
MVD — Deletes an element from a buffer.
O — Outputs to the terminal.
P, PH, PP, PW, PX — Executes a command from the primary output buffer.
Q — Quits PROC execution.
RI — Reinitializes the input buffers.
RO — Reinitializes the output buffers.
RSUB — Returns to the GOSUB statement.
S — Sets a pointer in the active input buffer.
SP — Activates the primary input buffer.
SS — Activates the secondary input buffer.
STOFF — Deactivates secondary output buffer (the stack).
STON — Activates secondary output buffer (the stack).
T — Displays to Terminal.
TR — Activates trace processing for PROC debugging.
U — Branches to user exit MVBasic routine.
X — Exits on error and returns to the calling environment.

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