Caché MultiValue PROC Reference
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Displays a field from the input buffer.
D f[,nnn]
f A field number in the input buffer, specifying which field to display. If f=0, display the entire input buffer. f can be specified as an integer, or as a reference to a buffer or a select list that contains the integer.
nnn Optional — An integer specifying the number of characters in f to display, starting from the current position. If nnn equals the number of characters in the field, the entire field is displayed, and the D pointer is positioned to the next field. If nnn is omitted, all of the characters in the field are displayed.
The D PROC command is used to display a parameter or a specified substring of a parameter. For the purpose of display, D strips leading blanks from the field value(s).
Commonly, the space between the command name and the text is omitted, as shown in the following example:
In UniData emulation, D strips quote characters from the beginning and end of the displayed parameter.
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