Caché MultiValue PROC Reference
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Moves a value into a buffer or select list.
MV target source
MV target,source
MV target=source
target The buffer or select list that receives the contents of source. Can be a %n (input buffer), #n (output buffer), or !n (select list) reference.
source The text to be moved to the target buffer or select list. Can be a literal enclosed in quotation marks or a reference to a buffer or select list. Multiple values can be specified as a comma-separated list.
The MV PROC command moves one or more values into a buffer or select list, or moves one or more values from one buffer (or select list) to another. Following the move operation, MV resets the buffer pointer to the beginning of the field(s) that were moved into target.
The three syntactical forms are equivalent. They are provided for compatibility with other MultiValue implementations.
The following source values are supported:
The following example moves multiple string literals to the output buffer:
MV #2 "ABC","DEF","GHI"
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