Caché MultiValue Query Language (CMQL) Reference
FMT clause
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Sets column width and justification.
field FMT "n[L | R | U]"
The FMT clause allows you to format the column width and justification for an individual field display column. The integer n specifies the width of the display column. The letters L or R specify left justification or right justification. These letter codes are not case-sensitive. If neither letter is specified, the default is left justification.
If the field data is wider than the display column width, the display behavior depends on the justification setting and the current emulation:
The U letter code suppresses column width formatting, allowing the column to expand rightward without line wrapping. The n value can be omitted, or it can be specified and is ignored.
FMT changes the width of a single display column. Use COL.SPACES to uniformly change the width of all of the display columns.
The following example shows the use of the FMT clause:
In this case, the F4 column is displayed with a width of 5 characters, right justified.
The following example shows the use of the FMT clause with the BREAK-ON clause:
LIST VOC WITH F4 BY F4 BREAK-ON F4 "Next Value'P'" FMT "5R" 
In this case, those records with F4 field values are sorted and displayed, with a break each time the F4 value changes. The FMT clause specifies a width of 5 characters, right justified. This formatting affects both the display of the F4 values and the display of the “Next Value” change marker.