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Describes how to develop Caché applications. Topics include Caché objects, ObjectScript, SQL, and multidimensional storage.

Caché Programming Orientation Guide  Presents the essentials for programmers who write server-side Caché code.
Using Caché Objects  Describes how to create and use Caché classes and objects.
Using Caché ObjectScript  Provides an overview of and details about the ObjectScript programming language.
Using Caché SQL  Provides information about using SQL with Caché.
Using Caché Basic  Describes how to use the Basic programming language with Caché.
Caché SQL Optimization Guide  Provides information about improving performance of Caché SQL.
Using Caché Globals  Describes the Caché multidimensional storage mechanism.
Caché Transact-SQL (TSQL) Migration Guide  Describes Caché implementation of TSQL and how to migrate schemas and stored procedures from Sybase or SQL Server.
Caché ISQL Migration Guide  Describes Caché implementation of ISQL and how to migrate schemas and stored procedures from Informix.
Projecting Objects to XML  Describes how to project Caché objects to XML elements, attributes, and schemas.
Using Caché XML Tools  Describes how to use Caché XML tools to work with XML-enabled classes, work with general XML documents, and customize use of the Caché SAX Parser.
Using iKnow  Describes the concepts and features of iKnow unstructured data analysis.
Using OAuth 2.0 and OpenID Connect with Caché  Describes how to use Caché support for OAuth 2.0 and OpenID Connect.
Accessing Caché Source Code Files Using REST  Accessing Caché source code files, which include class definitions, routines, and CSP files, using REST.

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