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Information on using InterSystems DeepSee.

Getting Started with DeepSee  Introduces DeepSee.
DeepSee Developer Tutorial  Describes how to create DeepSee cubes and subject areas and use them to create pivot tables and dashboards.
Defining DeepSee Models  Describes how to define DeepSee cubes, subject areas, and listing groups.
Advanced DeepSee Modeling Guide  Describes how to use the more advanced and less common DeepSee modeling features: computed dimensions, unstructured data in cubes, compound cubes, cube relationships, term lists, quality measures, KPIs, plugins, and other advanced options.
DeepSee Implementation Guide  Describes how to implement DeepSee. Discusses settings, data connectors, actions, localization, packaging, performance, security, and more.
Tools for Creating DeepSee Web Clients  Provides information on the DeepSee JavaScript API and REST API.
Using MDX with DeepSee  Introduces MDX (MultiDimensional eXpressions) and describes how to use MDX with DeepSee.
DeepSee MDX Reference  Provides reference information for MDX expression types, statements, functions, and intrinsic properties supported by InterSystems DeepSee.
Using the DeepSee Analyzer  Describes how to use the DeepSee Analyzer to create pivot tables and to perform ad hoc analysis.
Creating DeepSee Dashboards  Describes how to create and modify dashboards in DeepSee.
DeepSee End User Guide  Describes how to use the DeepSee User Portal and dashboards.
Using DeepSee Visual Reporting  Explains how to use DeepSee Visual Reporting to generate reports.

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