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Reference books for how to develop Caché applications. Topics include programming languages, Caché objects, error codes, and a glossary.

Caché ObjectScript Reference  Provides reference material for the following elements of ObjectScript: operators and other symbols, all abbreviations, commands, functions, special variables, and structured system variables. It also includes information on legacy commands and functions.
Caché SQL Reference  Provides reference material on InterSystems SQL commands, functions, and predicate conditions, and lists of data types and reserved words.
Caché Basic Reference  Provides reference material for the various elements of Caché Basic: operators and symbols, commands, functions, constants, objects, and a list of reserved words. It also includes a summary of the Caché multidimensional data model.
Caché Class Definition Reference  Provides reference information on the structure of and elements used in Caché class definitions.
InterSystems Programming Tools Index  Helps you find classes, routines, and other InterSystems programming tools, within Caché and Ensemble.
Caché Error Reference  Lists error codes associated with general operations, SQL, and the database engine itself.
Caché I/O Device Guide  Describes I/O coding for various device types and for sequential files.
Caché Glossary of Terms  Provides definitions of Caché terminology.

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