Caché Managed Provider for .NET Tutorial
Getting Started
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Here are the initial steps for completing the application:

  1. Import into Caché the Caché classes provided for you in Contacts.xml. Populate the Contact and PhoneNumber classes. See the note below for the locations of instructions for importing and populating.
  2. Open the Visual Studio solution named Phonebook in Visual Studio. See the note below for instructions on locating this solution.
  3. You will be working in the Phonebook project. Set this as the StartUp Project.
  4. Add a reference to InterSystems.Data.CacheClient.dll — see Part I: The Basics for instructions.
  5. Add the required using directives — see Part I: The Basics for instructions.
  6. Complete the InitConnection method in PhoneForm.cs. This method should initialize a CacheConnection instance named cnCache — this variable is already declared as a class variable. Note that InitConnection need not open the connection. See Part I: The Basics for instructions.
  7. Add code that invokes Dispose on cnCache to the form's Dispose method. This method is in PhoneForm.Designer.cs. See Part I: The Basics for instructions.
See Example and Exercise Files for the location of the various tutorial files.
See Installing Caché Classes and Populating the Database for instructions on installing and populating the Caché classes.

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