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Logical Operators
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There are two binary logical operators, which allow you to evaluate complex conditions comprising multiple simple conditions. There is also a unary logical operator, which reverses the value of a condition. When building complex conditions, remember to always use parentheses to clarify the meaning of the expression.

Logical Operators
Operator Operation Examples of true conditions
&& And. All conditions must be true for the entire condition to be true. if (2 = 2) && (3 = 3) {write "both are true"}
|| Or. At least one of the conditions must be true (or both) for the entire condition to be true. if (2 = 2) || (3 = 4) {write "one is true"}
' Negation (Not). The original condition must be false for the negated condition to be true. if '(2 = 3) {write "unequal"}

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