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Installing Tutorial Files
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A standard Caché installation includes a set of XML files containing Caché classes and CSP pages that accompany the tutorial's exercises and examples. The files are in install-dir\Dev\Tutorials\CSP. They can also be downloaded from here. Install the classes and CSP pages by importing them into Caché using Studio:

  1. Open Studio and connect to the namespace in which you will be working (most likely USER). Click File —> Change Namespace to connect to the desired namespace.
  2. On the Studio menu bar, click Tools —> Import Local. Browse to the correct file. Click on the file and then click Open.
  3. On the Import dialog make certain that all the available items are selected and that both Add Imported Items to Project Compile Imported Items are checked. Click OK. Caché imports and compiles the items.
  4. Populate the CSPTutorial.Contact (Part I of the tutorial) or CSPTutorial.Contact and CSPTutorial.PhoneNumber (Part II of the tutorial) with sample data. Read Populating Contact and PhoneNumber for instructions.
Here are descriptions of the files that accompany the different parts of the tutorial:
Part I Files
Part II Files
In a standard Windows installation, install-dir is C:\InterSystems\Cache.

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