Ensemble HL7 Message Routing Tutorial
Demonstration: Testing the Router
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We can test our new router and rule set by providing our production with some input and viewing the message trace and rule log..

  1. Start the Tutorial.HL7Production, if it is not already started.
  2. Paste a copy of ABC1.txt in C:\Tutorial\In, or whichever directory TutorialFileService is configured to poll. The file should disappear in at most a few seconds.
  3. On the configuration page, click TutorialMsgRouter, then click the Messages tab on the right-hand side of the screen. There should be messages listed. Click Go To Message Viewer to open the Message Viewer.
  4. The message browser should list a pair of messages. Highlight one of the rows and click the View Full Trace link on the right.
  5. The Trace shows that our TutorialMsgRouter received a message and then, as expected, dispatched the message to the TutorialFileOperation.
ABC1.txt is in <ensemblesys>\Dev\tutorials\hl7messagerouting where <ensemblesys> is the directory where Ensemble is installed.
The messages are listed in reverse chronological order because of the Sort Order setting in the Message Viewer. "Oldest First" is also available.

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