Caché QuickStart Tutorial
The Contact Table
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We can use the Management Portal to see the populated table. Here are the steps:
  1. Launch the Managment Portal. Do this by clicking the InterSystems Launcher (Caché cube , Ensemble icon , or HealthShare icon, depending on your system) in your system tray and then clicking Management Portal on the tool menu.
  2. Open the Management Portal's Schemas page by clicking [Home] > [System Explorer] > [SQL] > [Go].
  3. Switch to the USER namespace by clicking the Switch link, selecting USER on the Namespace Chooser and then clicking OK.
  4. Open the ContactDB.Contact table by clicking ContactDB.Contact under Tables on the tree control at the left and then clicking Open Table at the top of the page in the center.
  5. Each row on the table corresponds to a Contact instance that has been saved to the database. Notice the table's ID column. The ID is the unique object/row identifier for Contact

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