Caché Web Services QuickStart Tutorial
Defining a Caché Web Service Class Using Studio
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The Studio development environment provides a wizard for defining Web Service classes.

Define a Web Service class for the Contact Management application by doing the following:
  1. Open Studio. Click File->Change Namespace to connect to the namespace in which you will be working.
  2. Click File-> New.
  3. In the New dialog box click the General category and then click Web Service icon. Click OK.
  4. In the Web Service Wizard, fill in the values for the Web Service parameters as well as the classname. You do not need to add values for Service Methods. Here are the values to add if you are creating the service class for the tutorial's examples and exercises:
  5. Click Finish. The Studio Class Editor displays the specified class definition.
You can also launch the Web Service/Client Configuration wizard from the General tab. Use this wizard to create a configuration class for your Web service or Web client that contains WS-Policy information. To learn more about Caché support for WS-Policy, read Creating Policies in Securing Caché Web Services.
In general, the values for Class Name and Service Name do not need to be the same.
For more details on creating Caché Web Services, read Creating Web Services in Creating Web Services and Web Clients in Caché.
For more information on using the Studio Development Environment, read Using Studio.

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