Testing Ensemble Productions
Example: Executing the Test
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Here are the steps for executing the test:

  1. Place ABC1.txt and ABCOut_Reference.txt in C:\Tutorial or whatever directory you choose for HL7MainDir.
  2. Open Terminal and change to the namespace in which you installed the production and test classes.
  3. Assign ^UnitTestRoot to either a valid directory or the empty string.
    ENSDEMO>Set ^UnitTestRoot=""
  4. Execute the test
    ENSDEMO>Do ##class(Tutorial.HL7ProductionTest).Run()
    Your output looks something like this:
  5. Note the url on the last line of the output. You can past this into a Web browser to view a full report on the test execution.
The test creates a directory structure underneath TestAutoNNN.
There are a variety of different ways to execute the test. See Executing a Test for discussion of several of them.

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