Caché %UnitTest Tutorial
Caché %UnitTest Tutorial
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Welcome to the Caché %UnitTest Tutorial!

Caché provides the %UnitTest package of classes for unit testing your applications. The package provides facilities for quickly developing unit test classes, executing the tests, and creating reports. You can either use the package directly or extend its classes to customize your unit testing tools. %UnitTest is structurally very similar to the xUnit frameworks for unit testing. Developers familiar with these frameworks will have an especially easy time using %UnitTest.
This tutorial provides a fast-paced, hands-on introduction to the %UnitTest package. Parts I and II of this tutorial are independent of each other and can be completed in any order.
This tutorial assumes a basic familiarity with ObjectScript and object-oriented development with Caché. To learn more about ObjectScript, read the ObjectScript Tutorial. To learn more about object-oriented development with Caché, read the Caché QuickStart Tutorial.
There are a number of files containing example code and exercises solution code for the tutorial. Read Importing Classes to Use in the Examples for information on installing these files.

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