MultiValue Quick Start Tutorial
Hiding, Displaying, and Loading Data into the Form
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We want the form component to display the following behavior:

Remember that the tablePane component on PersonPage.cls already contains the following attributes:
onselectrow ="zenPage.displayForm(zenThis);"
Note the following about this code:
Add the following JavaScript event-handling function to PersonPage.cls. The function executes when the user selects a row on the tablePane. Be sure to place the method out-side of the XDATA Contents or XDATA Style blocks.
ClientMethod displayForm(table) [ Language = javascript ]
 //retrieve id column of selected row
 var id = table.getValue();
 //set controller to selected person
 var controller = zenPage.getComponentById('personData');
 //display form 
 var contactFormGroup=zenPage.getComponentById('personForm');
Note the following about this code:
To learn more about zenPage and zenThis as well as other special variables, read Zen Special Variables in the Zen Application Programming section of Developing Zen Applications.

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