class %Document.Model.Schema.SASchema extends %Studio.SASchemaClass

This class implements SASchema (Studio Assist) for the Oasys model classes. To reset the schema after applying updates to the model classes simply kill ^ISC.SASchema


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GetAttrsForClass GetElementsForClass GetXMLElementsForClass GetXMLNameForClass
IsUpToDate OutputToFile OutputToStream SchemaToPrefix
XMLName2DisplayName XMLName2NameSpace XMLName2ShortName


• parameter ROOTCLASSES = "%Document.Model.Schema.collection:collection";
This is comma-separated list of the classes whose xml elements can be used as the root level element of a document.
• parameter XMLNAMESPACE = "http://www.intersystems.com/pdb";
This is the namespace value used to identify this SA schema. This corresponds to the XMLNamespace keyword of a Studio XData block.
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