class %Exception.SystemException extends

The %Exception.SystemException class provides access to information about the most recent system error. It is the type of object assigned to the CATCH variable when a system error occurs inside a TRY block. Only the System should create an instance of this class. For system exceptions, the values of the properties should be interpreted as follows:

Name: The name of the exception, such as <UNDEFINED>.
Code: A numerical code that represents the exception, defined by the system.
Location: A string containing the routine and line where the exception occured.
Data: Depending upon the actual exception, extra data about the exception. For example, for an <UNDEFINED> error this would be the name of the variable that was undefined.


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AsSystemError OnAsSQLMessage


• method AsSystemError() as %String
Convert this system exception to a traditional $ZE string
• method OnAsSQLMessage() as %String
Override this method to provide a custom conversion of an exception to the SQL %msg string.
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