class %Library.SQLExportMgr extends %RegisteredObject, %SQLExImData

Export Controller for SQL Export.


Parameters Properties Methods Queries Indices ForeignKeys Triggers
1 1 10


ClassName ColumnNames ColumnTypes ColumnWidths DateFormat
Delimiter FileName HasHeaders IsExporting NoCheck
StringQuote TableName
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CloseExport DeleteExportRoutine Export ExportRows
GenDataExpr GenerateExportRoutine GetExportSize GetSample
OpenExport Reset ResetExImData


parameter RTNPREFIX = "SQLExport";


property IsExporting as %Boolean [ InitialExpression = 0 ];
Private flag set to True when export is underway.


method CloseExport() as %Status
Call this at the end of the export operation.
method DeleteExportRoutine() as %Status
Delete the generated export routine.
method Export(savertn As %Boolean = 0)
Do an export from the command line.
method ExportRows(ByRef rows As %Integer, ByRef done As %Integer) as %Status
Exports the next rows rows to the export file. On return, rows contains the number of rows exported or 0 if the export is complete.
method GenDataExpr(col As %Integer, colno As %Integer) as %String
Compute and return the correct expression for column col.

colno is the number of the actual exported column (some columns may be skipped.

method GenerateExportRoutine(sample As %Integer = 0) as %Status
Generate the Export routine.

If sample is 1 then generate code that writes sample data to a local variable.

method GetExportSize(ByRef rows As %Integer) as %Status
Returns the number of rows in the export table in rows.

Call this after generating an export routine.

method GetSample(ByRef rows As %Integer) as %String
Exports the first rows rows to a sample variable.
method OpenExport() as %Status
Prepares the start of an export.

Call this after generating an export routine.

method Reset()
Reset the state of this object.
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