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persistent class EnsLib.HL7.Message extends %Library.Persistent, EnsLib.EDI.BatchDocument, EnsLib.EDI.Segmented, EnsLib.HL7.Util.MsgBodyMethods

SQL Table Name: EnsLib_HL7.Message

A class representing all HL7 v2 message documents using the Virtual Document (VDoc) architecture

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parameter DEFSEARCHCLASS = EnsLib.HL7.SearchTable;
Name of the default SearchTable indexing class used in UI choices and MessageBank submissions
parameter DOCCLASSFULLNAME = Health Level 7 (HL7) v2. Message;
Inherited description: Full descriptive name for this subclass of document
parameter DOCCLASSNAME = HL7 Message;
Inherited description: Compact descriptive name for this subclass of document
parameter DOCSHORTNAME = HL7;
parameter DOMAIN = Ensemble;
Use our own domain for localization
parameter EXTENTSIZE = 2000000;
Inherited description: The EXTENTSIZE parameter is used to inform the Caché SQL Query Optimizer of the approximate number of instances in the extent containing instances of this class.

For example, a class that expects to have about 1,000,000 instances should define:

parameter EXTENTSIZE = 1000000;
parameter SCHEMACLASS = EnsLib.HL7.Schema:MS;
Name of the associated schema class and, after a colon, the schema class code that represents a DocType


property %maps [ MultiDimensional , Transient ];
A local array of orefs "orefs" - a local map of integer ids to segment objects And either a subscript into ^CacheTemp for this object's LVD maps (for notes on LVD implementation see EnsEDI.inc) or local storage for these additional maps: "runtimeIndex" - array for runtime index to segment; will always be defined unless mapRuntimePath is defined "runtimePath" - array for runtime path to segment "bidirectionalLink" - array for runtime path and index linkage
Property methods: %mapsDisplayToLogical(), %mapsGet(), %mapsIsValid(), %mapsLogicalToDisplay(), %mapsLogicalToOdbc(), %mapsNormalize(), %mapsSet()
property CS as %String [ Calculated , Transient ];
Component Separator
Property methods: CSDisplayToLogical(), CSGet(), CSIsValid(), CSLogicalToDisplay(), CSLogicalToOdbc(), CSNormalize()
property ChildCount as %Integer [ Calculated , Transient , ReadOnly ];
Number of Children
Property methods: ChildCountCompute(), ChildCountDisplayToLogical(), ChildCountGet(), ChildCountIsValid(), ChildCountLogicalToDisplay(), ChildCountNormalize(), ChildCountSQLCompute()
property DocTypeCategory as %String [ Transient , ReadOnly ];
the category portion of the DocType
Property methods: DocTypeCategoryDisplayToLogical(), DocTypeCategoryGet(), DocTypeCategoryIsValid(), DocTypeCategoryLogicalToDisplay(), DocTypeCategoryLogicalToOdbc(), DocTypeCategoryNormalize(), DocTypeCategorySet()
property DocTypeName as %String [ Transient , ReadOnly ];
Stored raw document type name ; the secondary type name portion of the DocType
Property methods: DocTypeNameDisplayToLogical(), DocTypeNameGet(), DocTypeNameIsValid(), DocTypeNameLogicalToDisplay(), DocTypeNameLogicalToOdbc(), DocTypeNameNormalize()
property DocTypeSecondary as %String [ Calculated , Transient , ReadOnly ];
Property methods: DocTypeSecondaryDisplayToLogical(), DocTypeSecondaryGet(), DocTypeSecondaryIsValid(), DocTypeSecondaryLogicalToDisplay(), DocTypeSecondaryLogicalToOdbc(), DocTypeSecondaryNormalize()
property ESC as %String [ Calculated , Transient ];
Escape Character
Property methods: ESCDisplayToLogical(), ESCGet(), ESCIsValid(), ESCLogicalToDisplay(), ESCLogicalToOdbc(), ESCNormalize()
property Envelope as %String);
XML or other 'envelope' For the HL7 message. The HL7 message will be inserted in place of the "<!--HL72MSG-->" string If present, otherwise after the end of the Envelope.
Property methods: EnvelopeDisplayToLogical(), EnvelopeGet(), EnvelopeGetStored(), EnvelopeIsValid(), EnvelopeLogicalToDisplay(), EnvelopeLogicalToOdbc(), EnvelopeNormalize(), EnvelopeSet()