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class %CSP.UI.Portal.Dialog.SchemaPriv extends %CSP.Portal.standardDialog, %CSP.UI.Component.SelectBoxUtils

Page to define SQL Table/View column privileges.

Property Inventory (Including Private)

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parameter APPLICATION = %CSP.UI.Portal.Application;
Class name of application this page belongs to.
parameter APPLYBUTTON = 1;
If true, then this dialog displays an Apply button.
parameter AUTONS = 1;
Inherited description: If true, auto-switch namespace to whatever $NAMESPACE is passed in.
parameter CSPURL = /csp/sys/sec/%CSP.UI.Portal.Dialog.SchemaPriv.zen;
Inherited description: This parameter is used to make sure that if multiple CSP applications are mapped to the same namespace that the CSP engine can correctly identify which class corresponds with which URL. If 'LockCSPName' is true (the default, defined in the CSP application) then you can only access this page if the url exactly matches this 'CSPURL'. You can set this parameter to "" if you wish to disable this check for this class. This check is applied for all CSP urls (cls/csp/zen).
If this page was compiled from a .csp file, then this parameter is automatically set to contain the url of this file used for compilation.
parameter DOMAIN = %Utility;
Domain used for localization.
parameter PAGENAME = Schema Privileges;
Displayed name of this page.
parameter RESOURCE = %Admin_Secure:USE;
Inherited description: This is a comma-delimited list of system Resources and associated permissions. A user must hold the specified permissions on at least one of the specified resources in order to view this page or invoke any of its server-side methods from the client.
The format of each item in the list should be as follows:
Permission is optional, and defaults to USE if not supplied. If it is supplied, it should be one of USE, READ or WRITE.

Properties (Including Private)

property IncludeSystem as %Integer (ZENURL = "IncludeSystem") [ InitialExpression = 0 ];
Flag indicating whether user checked the "Include System Items" checkbox.
Property methods: IncludeSystemDisplayToLogical(), IncludeSystemGet(), IncludeSystemIsValid(), IncludeSystemLogicalToDisplay(), IncludeSystemNormalize(), IncludeSystemSet(), IncludeSystemXSDToLogical()
property IsNotProcedure as %Boolean;
Property methods: IsNotProcedureDisplayToLogical(), IsNotProcedureGet(), IsNotProcedureIsValid(), IsNotProcedureLogicalToDisplay(), IsNotProcedureLogicalToXSD(), IsNotProcedureNormalize(), IsNotProcedureSet(), IsNotProcedureXSDToLogical()
property IsProcedure as %Boolean;
Property methods: IsProcedureDisplayToLogical(), IsProcedureGet(), IsProcedureIsValid(), IsProcedureLogicalToDisplay(), IsProcedureLogicalToXSD(), IsProcedureNormalize(), IsProcedureSet(), IsProcedureXSDToLogical()
property Namespace as %String (ZENURL = "$NAMESPACE");
Namespace indicating where the schemas/tables/views are coming from.
Property methods: NamespaceDisplayToLogical(), NamespaceGet(), NamespaceIsValid(), NamespaceLogicalToDisplay(), NamespaceLogicalToOdbc(), NamespaceNormalize(), NamespaceSet()
property ObjName as %String (ZENURL = "ObjName");
ObjName = null for Add, or Table name or View name for Edit
Property methods: ObjNameDisplayToLogical(), ObjNameGet(), ObjNameIsValid(), ObjNameLogicalToDisplay(), ObjNameLogicalToOdbc(), ObjNameNormalize(), ObjNameSet()
property ObjPriv as %String (ZENURL = "ObjPriv");
ObjName = null for Add, or Table name or View name for Edit
Property methods: ObjPrivDisplayToLogical(), ObjPrivGet(), ObjPrivIsValid(), ObjPrivLogicalToDisplay(), ObjPrivLogicalToOdbc(), ObjPrivNormalize(), ObjPrivSet()
property ObjectType as %String (ZENURL = "Type");
"TABLE" or "VIEW".
Property methods: ObjectTypeDisplayToLogical(), ObjectTypeGet(), ObjectTypeIsValid(), ObjectTypeLogicalToDisplay(), ObjectTypeLogicalToOdbc(), ObjectTypeNormalize(), ObjectTypeSet()
property PID as %String (ZENURL = "PID");
User or Role whose privileges are being granted
Property methods: PIDDisplayToLogical(), PIDGet(), PIDIsValid(), PIDLogicalToDisplay(), PIDLogicalToOdbc(), PIDNormalize(), PIDSet()
property PrivCount as %Integer;
Property methods: PrivCountDisplayToLogical(), PrivCountGet(), PrivCountIsValid(), PrivCountLogicalToDisplay(), PrivCountNormalize(), PrivCountSet(), PrivCountXSDToLogical()
property Schema as %String;
Property methods: SchemaDisplayToLogical(), SchemaGet(), SchemaIsValid(), SchemaLogicalToDisplay(), SchemaLogicalToOdbc(), SchemaNormalize(), SchemaSet()
property Tables as %String;
Property methods: TablesDisplayToLogical(), TablesGet(), TablesIsValid(), TablesLogicalToDisplay(), TablesLogicalToOdbc(), TablesNormalize(), TablesSet()
property TotalTables as %Integer [ InitialExpression = 0 ];
Total number of existing columns for edit
Property methods: TotalTablesDisplayToLogical(), TotalTablesGet(), TotalTablesIsValid(), TotalTablesLogicalToDisplay(), TotalTablesNormalize(), TotalTablesSet(), TotalTablesXSDToLogical()

Methods (Including Private)

method %OnAfterCreatePage() as %Status
Set Locator bar and determine whether to show change password option.
method %OnGetSubtitle() as %String
Get the (localized) subtitle string for the dialog. This should be implemented in a subclass.
method %OnGetTitle() as %String