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class %DeepSee.UI.CubeRegistry extends %DeepSee.UI.standardPage

DeepSee CubeRegistry page. This UI allows you to register a "Group" by drag and drop: Drag a group from the tree and drop it on the header for the "Registered" groups. The tree reprsents Unregistered groups. The center table represents Registered groups. You can also register and merge at the same time: Drag a group from the tree and drop it on a registered group in the center table. A confirmation box will display. If confirmed the cubes from the tree will be merged into the registered group. To Unregister, click the "x" image. The map object will be saved immediately after a drag and drop or a unregister. To modify properties for a registered group and cubes, click a row from the center table and modify the properties on the right in the Details pane. After your modification is done, you can click the Save button. If you do a drag & drop or a unregister, these changes will also be saved automatically.

Property Inventory (Including Private)

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parameter DEFAULTVIEWMODE = cube;
If this page has multiple views, this is its initial display mode.
parameter DOCBOOKID = D2IMP_current_cubemgr;
Inherited description: Docbook ID for this page.
parameter PAGENAME = Cube Registry;
Displayed name of this page.
parameter RESOURCE = %DeepSee_Admin;
Inherited description: All DeepSee pages require %DeepSee_Portal USE.

Properties (Including Private)

property %model as %RegisteredObject;
Local copy of cube map model object.
Property methods: %modelGet(), %modelGetSwizzled(), %modelIsValid(), %modelNewObject(), %modelSet()
property DocumaticPage as %String;
Property methods: DocumaticPageDisplayToLogical(), DocumaticPageGet(), DocumaticPageIsValid(), DocumaticPageLogicalToDisplay(), DocumaticPageLogicalToOdbc(), DocumaticPageNormalize(), DocumaticPageSet()
property SavedTime as %ZEN.Datatype.string;
Last cube save time when the cube is loaded.
Property methods: SavedTimeDisplayToLogical(), SavedTimeGet(), SavedTimeIsValid(), SavedTimeLogicalToDisplay(), SavedTimeLogicalToOdbc(), SavedTimeNormalize(), SavedTimeSet()
property activeRegistryExists as %Boolean;
Property methods: activeRegistryExistsDisplayToLogical(), activeRegistryExistsGet(), activeRegistryExistsIsValid(), activeRegistryExistsLogicalToDisplay(), activeRegistryExistsLogicalToXSD(), activeRegistryExistsNormalize(), activeRegistryExistsSet(), activeRegistryExistsXSDToLogical()
property canWrite as %ZEN.Datatype.boolean [ InitialExpression = 1 ];
If true, user can modify (non-read-only) cube definitions, otherwise they can only view.
Property methods: canWriteDisplayToLogical(), canWriteGet(), canWriteIsValid(), canWriteLogicalToDisplay(), canWriteLogicalToOdbc(), canWriteLogicalToXSD(), canWriteNormalize(), canWriteSet(), canWriteXSDToLogical()
property cubeClass as %ZEN.Datatype.string;
[NO LONGER USED ON THIS PAGE] Class name of Cube being viewed. This is determined from the cube name.
Property methods: cubeClassDisplayToLogical(), cubeClassGet(), cubeClassIsValid(), cubeClassLogicalToDisplay(), cubeClassLogicalToOdbc(), cubeClassNormalize(), cubeClassSet()
property cubeName as %ZEN.Datatype.string;
[NO LONGER USED ON THIS PAGE] Name of Cube being viewed.
Property methods: cubeNameDisplayToLogical(), cubeNameGet(), cubeNameIsValid(), cubeNameLogicalToDisplay(), cubeNameLogicalToOdbc(), cubeNameNormalize(), cubeNameSet()
property currItem as %ZEN.Datatype.integer [ InitialExpression = -1 ];
ID (index number, 0-based) of current selected item.
Property methods: currItemDisplayToLogical(), currItemGet(), currItemIsValid(), currItemLogicalToDisplay(), currItemLogicalToOdbc(), currItemNormalize(), currItemSet(), currItemTypeDisplayToLogical(), currItemTypeGet(), currItemTypeIsValid(), currItemTypeLogicalToDisplay(), currItemTypeLogicalToOdbc(), currItemTypeNormalize(), currItemTypeSet()
property currItemType as %ZEN.Datatype.string;