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abstract stream class %Library.GlobalStreamAdaptor extends %Library.AbstractStream

Stream adaptor for streams that store data in global nodes. Not to be used directly.

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parameter BUFFERLEN = 32656,32656;
Number of characters that we are storing in each global node If this includes a ',' then format size on non-long string then size on long string enabled system
parameter STORAGE = GLOBAL;
parameter STOREGLOBALNAME = ^CacheStream;
Default location: can be overridden at run-time

Properties (Including Private)

property %LastModified as %String [ Private , Transient ];
Property methods: %LastModifiedDisplayToLogical(), %LastModifiedGet(), %LastModifiedIsValid(), %LastModifiedLogicalToDisplay(), %LastModifiedLogicalToOdbc(), %LastModifiedNormalize(), %LastModifiedSet()
property Buffer as %Binary) [ Private ];
Property methods: BufferGet(), BufferIsValid(), BufferSet()
property IOSize as %Integer [ Private , InitialExpression = 0 ];
Property methods: IOSizeDisplayToLogical(), IOSizeGet(), IOSizeIsValid(), IOSizeLogicalToDisplay(), IOSizeNormalize(), IOSizeSet()
property MaxNodeNo as %Integer [ Private , InitialExpression = 0 , Transient ];
Maximum subscript in data we are reading
Property methods: MaxNodeNoDisplayToLogical(), MaxNodeNoGet(), MaxNodeNoIsValid(), MaxNodeNoLogicalToDisplay(), MaxNodeNoNormalize(), MaxNodeNoSet()
property NodeNo as %String (MAXLEN = 5000) [ Private , InitialExpression = 0 ];
The current node we are reading from.
Property methods: NodeNoDisplayToLogical(), NodeNoGet(), NodeNoIsValid(), NodeNoLogicalToDisplay(), NodeNoLogicalToOdbc(), NodeNoNormalize(), NodeNoSet()
property Position as %Integer [ Private , InitialExpression = 1 ];
Property methods: PositionDisplayToLogical(), PositionGet(), PositionIsValid(), PositionLogicalToDisplay(), PositionNormalize(), PositionSet()
property StoreGlvn as %String (MAXLEN = 5000) [ Private , Calculated ];
StoreGlvn is actual location where data is stored: StoreRoot + StoreNode
Property methods: StoreGlvnDisplayToLogical(), StoreGlvnGet(), StoreGlvnIsValid(), StoreGlvnLogicalToDisplay(), StoreGlvnLogicalToOdbc(), StoreGlvnNormalize()
property StoreNode as %String (MAXLEN = 5000) [ Private ];
Property methods: StoreNodeDisplayToLogical(), StoreNodeGet(), StoreNodeIsValid(), StoreNodeLogicalToDisplay(), StoreNodeLogicalToOdbc(), StoreNodeNormalize(), StoreNodeSet()
property StoreRoot as %String (MAXLEN = 5000) [ Private , InitialExpression = ..#STOREGLOBALNAME ];
Root is Global Location (name and top subscripts)
Property methods: StoreRootDisplayToLogical(), StoreRootGet(), StoreRootIsValid(), StoreRootLogicalToDisplay(), StoreRootLogicalToOdbc(), StoreRootNormalize(), StoreRootSet()
property TempGlvn as %String (MAXLEN = 5000) [ Private , Calculated ];
TempGlvn is actual temp location: TEMPGLOBALNAME + TempNode
Property methods: TempGlvnDisplayToLogical(), TempGlvnGet(), TempGlvnIsValid(), TempGlvnLogicalToDisplay(), TempGlvnLogicalToOdbc(), TempGlvnNormalize()
property TempNode as %String (MAXLEN = 5000) [ Private ];
Property methods: TempNodeDisplayToLogical(), TempNodeGet(), TempNodeIsValid(), TempNodeLogicalToDisplay(), TempNodeLogicalToOdbc(), TempNodeNormalize(), TempNodeSet()
property rollback as %String [ Private , MultiDimensional ];
Property methods: rollbackDisplayToLogical(), rollbackGet(), rollbackIsValid(), rollbackLogicalToDisplay(), rollbackLogicalToOdbc(), rollbackNormalize(), rollbackSet()

Methods (Including Private)

classmethod %Exists(soid As %ObjectIdentity) as %Boolean
Inherited description: Checks to see if the object identified by the OID oid exists in the extent.

Returns %Boolean TRUE is it exists, FALSE if it does not.

private classmethod %GetLockReference(pLocation As %String(MAXLEN="")="", pId As %String(MAXLEN="")="") as %String
Returns the global reference used to lock the current stream object Throws %Exception.AbstractException
private classmethod %LOBPrefetchInternal(soid As %ObjectIdentity, prefetchsize As %Integer, ByRef data As %String) as %Integer
method %LocationGet() as %String
method %LocationSet(value As %String) as %Status