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class EnsLib.HL7.Operation.TCPAckOutOperation extends EnsLib.HL7.Operation.AckOutStandard

A specialized HL7 TCP Operation that sends out ACKs on behalf of a paired HL7 TCP Service. It also depends on this partner Service to collect ACKs on its behalf, for example to send messages to a dual-channel iSoft iCM application.

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parameter ADAPTER = EnsLib.HL7.Adapter.TCPOutboundAdapter;
Inherited description: The type of adapter used to communicate with external systems

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method OnInit() as %Status
Inherited description: This user callback method is called via initConfig() from %OnNew() or in the case of SOAP Services from OnPreSOAP()
method SendMessage(pMsgOut As EnsLib.HL7.Message, Output pMsgIn As EnsLib.HL7.Message, pExpectedSequenceNumber As %String) as %Status

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