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persistent class EnsLib.ITK.AdapterKit.Request extends EnsLib.ITK.Framework.RequestBase

SQL Table Name: EnsLib_ITK_AdapterKit.Request

This is the base request class for any toolkit business operation. It cannot be used by itself because it does not include a payload. This class holds all the optional elements for the request that if not given are taken direct from the business operation settings.

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Properties (Including Private)

property IsResponse as %Boolean [ InitialExpression = 0 , Required ];
Is this message a response to an erlier message;
Property methods: IsResponseDisplayToLogical(), IsResponseGet(), IsResponseGetStored(), IsResponseIsValid(), IsResponseLogicalToDisplay(), IsResponseLogicalToXSD(), IsResponseNormalize(), IsResponseSet(), IsResponseXSDToLogical()
property Message as %XML.Adaptor;
The payload message to send back as a object This is provided as a convienience
Property methods: MessageGet(), MessageGetStored(), MessageGetSwizzled(), MessageIsValid(), MessageNewObject(), MessageSet()
property PartialLogicalURL as %String);
Optional Logical URL endpoint for the service (added to BaseLogicalURL in business operation)
Property methods: PartialLogicalURLDisplayToLogical(), PartialLogicalURLGet(), PartialLogicalURLGetStored(), PartialLogicalURLIsValid(), PartialLogicalURLLogicalToDisplay(), PartialLogicalURLLogicalToOdbc(), PartialLogicalURLNormalize(), PartialLogicalURLSet()
property PartialPhysicalURL as %String);
Optional Physical URL endpoint for the service (added to BasePhysicalURL in business operation)
Property methods: PartialPhysicalURLDisplayToLogical(), PartialPhysicalURLGet(), PartialPhysicalURLGetStored(), PartialPhysicalURLIsValid(), PartialPhysicalURLLogicalToDisplay(), PartialPhysicalURLLogicalToOdbc(), PartialPhysicalURLNormalize(), PartialPhysicalURLSet()
property Payload as %GlobalCharacterStream [ Calculated ];
Calculated property which will return the stream or the message as a stream
Property methods: PayloadDelete(), PayloadGet()
property RelatesToMessageId as %String);
If so then which message does it relate to
Property methods: RelatesToMessageIdDisplayToLogical(), RelatesToMessageIdGet(), RelatesToMessageIdGetStored(), RelatesToMessageIdIsValid(), RelatesToMessageIdLogicalToDisplay(), RelatesToMessageIdLogicalToOdbc(), RelatesToMessageIdNormalize(), RelatesToMessageIdSet()
property Stream as %GlobalCharacterStream;
The payload of the message to send back as a stream Note: If receiving this from the business service this will always be present over the message. One of stream or message must be provided
Property methods: StreamDelete(), StreamGet(), StreamGetObject(), StreamGetObjectId(), StreamGetStored(), StreamGetSwizzled(), StreamIsValid(), StreamNewObject(), StreamOid(), StreamOpen(), StreamSet(), StreamSetObject(), StreamSetObjectId(), StreamUnSwizzle()

Methods (Including Private)

method ModifyAction(ByRef action As %String, behaviourType As %String) as %Status
method PayloadGet() as %GlobalCharacterStream
Returns the payload as a stream, selecting either the stream or the Message object

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