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class EnsPortal.ProductionConfig extends EnsPortal.Template.standardPage

Production configuration page for Ensemble. notify if settings modified, notify if settings externally modified, disable form update while modified

Property Inventory (Including Private)

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parameter DEFAULTVIEWMODE = list;
If this page has multiple views, this is its initial display mode.
parameter EDITRESOURCE = %Ens_ProductionConfig:WRITE;
User needs WRITE permissions on the %Ens_ProductionConfig resource to make changes to the Production configuration. Other actions require alternate privileges.
parameter JSINCLUDES = zenCSLM.js,EnsPortal_Component.js;
JavaScript debug library Usage: ZLM.dumpObj(object);
parameter PAGENAME = Production Configuration;
Displayed name of this page.
parameter RESOURCE = %Ens_ProductionConfig:READ;
User needs READ permissions on the %Ens_ProductionConfig resource to view this page.

Properties (Including Private)

property OS as %String [ InitialExpression = $system.Version.GetBuildOS() ];
OS pla