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persistent class %BI.KnowledgeCategory extends %Persistent, %BI.Adaptor


Parameters Properties Methods Queries Indices ForeignKeys Triggers
15 7


ACL CategoryConsultant CategoryDescription CategoryTitle
HelpDesk KnowledgeThread LastPostedDt ParentCategory
PostOrdering PreModule ShowPostTitle SubModule
ThreadOrder ThreadOrderBy ThreadOrdering

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zzBuild zzBuildDebug zzBuildOne zzBuildProcess
zzCompress zzDeleteAllIdx zzDeleteCondition zzFastRebuild
zzInitProc zzQBuildOne zzSBuild zzSBuildProcess
zzTime zzTimeRanges


• property ACL as %String(MAXLEN=10000);
• property CategoryConsultant as %String(TRUNCATE=1);
• property CategoryDescription as %String(MAXLEN=200,TRUNCATE=1);
• property CategoryTitle as %String(TRUNCATE=1);
• property HelpDesk as %Boolean;
• relationship KnowledgeThread as %BI.KnowledgeThread [ Inverse = KnowledgeCategory,Cardinality = children ];
• property LastPostedDt as %String(TRUNCATE=1);
• property ParentCategory as %String(TRUNCATE=1);
• property PostOrdering as %String(TRUNCATE=1);
• property PreModule as %String(MAXLEN=10000);
• property ShowPostTitle as %Boolean;
• property SubModule as %String(MAXLEN=10000);
• property ThreadOrder as array of %String(TRUNCATE=1);
• property ThreadOrderBy as %String(TRUNCATE=1);
• property ThreadOrdering as %String(TRUNCATE=1);


• query CountNullCat(ID As %String)
SQL Query :
SELECT Count(%ID) AS nullcatcnt FROM KnowledgeCategory
WHERE (ParentCategory is NULL)
• query CountSubCat(ID As %String)
SQL Query :
SELECT Count(%ID) AS subcatcnt FROM KnowledgeCategory
WHERE (ParentCategory = :ID)
• query GetCatConsultant(number As %Integer)
SQL Query :
SELECT CategoryConsultant FROM KnowledgeCategory
WHERE %ID = :number
• query GetCatIdByName(name As %String)
SQL Query :
SELECT %Id FROM %BI.KnowledgeCategory
WHERE CategoryTitle = :name
• query GetSubCat(ID As %String)
SQL Query :
SELECT %ID as ID FROM KnowledgeCategory
WHERE (ParentCategory = :ID) ORDER BY CategoryTitle
• query NavDownCategories(number As %String)
SQL Query :
SELECT %ID,CategoryTitle,CategoryDescription,CategoryConsultant,HelpDesk FROM %BI.KnowledgeCategory
WHERE ParentCategory = :number ORDER BY CategoryTitle
• query NavDownNullCategories()
SQL Query :
SELECT %ID,CategoryTitle,CategoryDescription,CategoryConsultant,HelpDesk FROM %BI.KnowledgeCategory
WHERE ParentCategory is NULL ORDER BY CategoryTitle

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