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persistent class %BI.Users extends %Persistent


Parameters Properties Methods Queries Indices ForeignKeys Triggers
43 3 1 2


AlphaNumPwd CanExpire Code CustomFn
DGSIG DefaultFolder DefaultFolderName DesktopItems
DisplayDate DisplayFilterCount EightCharPwd EnbScript
ExPasswords ExpiryDate FolderSuperUser Folders
FullName FullScreen LimitUserPref LoginModule
MailPassword MailUsrMtnAdd MailUsrMtnAddbookLimit MailUsrMtnSig
MailUsrName MinRowDrillDown MyFolder MyMisStd
NoReUse NoTimeOut Password PerfAlert
PerfAlertPopup SecurityLevel ShortCutDB ShortcutModule
SysLanguage UserDashBoard UserRole lockOut
screenHeight screenWidth shortcutLinks

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%UnlockId %ValidateIndices %ValidateObject DefaultFolderNameGet
Encrypt IsValidLogin


• property AlphaNumPwd as %String(TRUNCATE=1);
• property CanExpire as %String(TRUNCATE=1);
• property Code as %String(MAXLEN=30,TRUNCATE=1);
• property CustomFn as array of %BI.CustomFunction;
• property DGSIG as %String(TRUNCATE=1);
• property DefaultFolder as %String(MAXLEN=30,TRUNCATE=1);
• property DefaultFolderName as %String(TRUNCATE=1) [ Calculated ];
• property DesktopItems as array of %BI.DashBoardItem;
• property DisplayDate as %String(TRUNCATE=1);
• property DisplayFilterCount as %String(TRUNCATE=1);
• property EightCharPwd as %String(TRUNCATE=1);
• property EnbScript as %String(TRUNCATE=1);
• property ExPasswords as array of %String(TRUNCATE=1);
• property ExpiryDate as %String(TRUNCATE=1);
• property FolderSuperUser as %Boolean;
• property Folders as array of %BI.FolderAccess;
• property FullName as %String(MAXLEN=100,TRUNCATE=1);
• property FullScreen as %String(TRUNCATE=1);
• property LimitUserPref as %String(TRUNCATE=1);
• property LoginModule as %String(TRUNCATE=1);
• property MailPassword as %String(TRUNCATE=1);
• property MailUsrMtnAdd as %String(MAXLEN=300);
• property MailUsrMtnAddbookLimit as %String(MAXLEN=300);
• property MailUsrMtnSig as %String(MAXLEN=300);
• property MailUsrName as %String(TRUNCATE=1);
• property MinRowDrillDown as %Integer;
• property MyFolder as %String(MAXLEN=1000);
• property MyMisStd as %String(TRUNCATE=1);
• property NoReUse as %String(TRUNCATE=1);
• property NoTimeOut as %String(TRUNCATE=1);
• property Password as %String(MAXLEN=30,TRUNCATE=1);
• property PerfAlert as %String(TRUNCATE=1);
• property PerfAlertPopup as %String(TRUNCATE=1);
• property SecurityLevel as %Integer;
• property ShortCutDB as array of %BI.DashBoardItem;
• property ShortcutModule as %BI.WebSCM;
• property SysLanguage as %String(TRUNCATE=1);
• relationship UserDashBoard as %BI.UserDashBoard [ Inverse = Users,Cardinality = children ];
• relationship UserRole as %BI.UserRole [ Inverse = Users,Cardinality = children ];
• property lockOut as %String(TRUNCATE=1);
• property screenHeight as %String(TRUNCATE=1);
• property screenWidth as %String(TRUNCATE=1);
• property shortcutLinks as %String(MAXLEN=10000,TRUNCATE=1);


• method DefaultFolderNameGet() as %String
This is a Get accessor method for the DefaultFolderName property.
• final method Encrypt(inVal) as %String
• classmethod IsValidLogin(UserName As %String, UserPasswd As %String) as %Boolean


• query AllUsers()
SQL Query :
SELECT ID,Code,FullName,FolderSuperUser
FROM %BI.Users ORDER BY FullName


• index (Code on Code) [Unique];
• index (ExactCode on Code:Exact);

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