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class %CSP.Documatic.CubeInfo extends

This class contains methods used for displaying DeepSee cube information.


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• classmethod %GetSubjectAreaModel(pClassName As %String, Output pStatus As %Status) as %DeepSee.Model.SubjectArea.subjectArea
Given the DeepSee class name (subject area), return an instance of the %DeepSee.Model.SubjectArea.subjectArea meta-data object that describes the subject area.
Return "" if the given cube does not exist.
This method does not work on base cubes; use %GetModel.
• classmethod DrawHier(pClass, pDim, pIsSub, pBaseModelDim)
Draw cube element Hierarchies (pDim passed in is the Dimension object)
pBaseModelDim is the base model object for this dimension or null.
• classmethod DrawItemLine(pItemType, pItem, pClass)
This method draws some common stuff of an item.
pItemType is a string, such as "dimension", "named set";
pItem is the item's object
pClass is the current cube class name.
• classmethod DrawLevel(pClass, pLevel, dimType, pHierPath, pIsSub, pBaseModelHier)
Draw cube element Levels (pLevel is passed is the objec of tHier.levels pBaseModelHier is the base model object for this subject area's hierarch or null for cube.
• classmethod DrawPivot(pClass, pPivotList, cubeName)
• classmethod DrawProp(pClass, pProp, pLevPath)
Draw cube element Properties (pProp passed in is the object of tLevel.properties)
• classmethod DrawSumCal(%model, Output tCalList) as %Integer
• classmethod DrawSumDim(%model, Output tDimList) as %Integer
• classmethod DrawSumList(%model, Output tListList) as %Integer
• classmethod DrawSumListField(%model, Output tListFieldList) as %Integer
• classmethod DrawSumMea(%model, Output tMeaList) as %Integer
• classmethod DrawSumNamed(%model, Output tNamedList) as %Integer
• classmethod DrawSumPivot(%model, Output tPivotList) as %Integer
• classmethod DrawSumRel(%model, Output tRelList) as %Integer
• private classmethod RenderCubeInfo(pClass As %String, pIsSub As %Boolean) as %Status
Draw HTML for DeepSee Cube Information.
• private classmethod RenderSubjectAreaInfo(pClass As %String, pIsSub As %Boolean) as %Status
Draw HTML for DeepSee Subject Area Information.