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Private  Storage   


persistent class %FileMan.MappedFilePackage extends %Persistent


Parameters Properties Methods Queries Indices ForeignKeys Triggers
12 2


Classname FKeys FM2ClassVersion FileNumber
Indices MappedFields MappedTimestamp Maps
Package SOCClasses Tablename Triggers

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• property Classname as %CacheString [ Required ];
Name of the class the file is mapped to
• property FKeys as list of %Library.String(MAXLEN=128);
• property FM2ClassVersion as %Library.String;
Version of the FM2CLass utility that mapped this class
• relationship FileNumber as %FileMan.MappedFile [ Inverse = MappedFilePackage,Cardinality = parent ];
• property Indices as list of %Library.String(MAXLEN=128);
• relationship MappedFields as %FileMan.MappedField [ Inverse = MappedFilePackage,Cardinality = children ];
• property MappedTimestamp as %Library.TimeStamp;
Timestamp of when the current version of this class was mapped from the file
• property Maps as list of %Library.String(MAXLEN=128);
• property Package as %CacheString [ Required ];
Name of the package the file is mapped to A File may be mapped to 1 or more packages at the same time
• property SOCClasses as list of %Library.String(MAXLEN=128);
• property Tablename as %CacheString [ Required ];
Name of the table the file is mapped to
• property Triggers as list of %Library.String(MAXLEN=128);


•index (Cls on Classname);
•index (IDKeyIndex on Package) [IdKey,PrimaryKey,Unique];