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Private   Storage    


persistent class INFORMATION.SCHEMA.STATEMENTS extends %Library.Persistent, %XML.Adaptor


Contains SQL Statement Index entries that can be accessed by the current user in the current namespace.


Parameters Properties Methods Queries Indices ForeignKeys Triggers
1 25


Children DefaultSchema Error Frozen
FrozenDifferent Hash Locations NaturalQuery
Packages ParentHash Plan PrivilegeRelations
Relations SQLSchemaPath SqlComp StatAverage
StatCount StatFirst StatStdDev StatTotal
StatVariance Statement Switch Timestamp
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parameter READONLY = 1;
READONLY = 1 means that objects can be created, opened but not saved or deleted. Tables are projected to SQL as READONLY.


relationship Children as INFORMATION.SCHEMA.STATEMENTCHILDREN [ Inverse = Statement,Cardinality = children ];
property DefaultSchema as %Library.List;
Value of %defschema when the statement was compiled
property Error as %String(MAXLEN=4096);
Error string recorded for this plan
property Frozen as %Integer;
0/1/2/3 flag which defines if the statement plan Unfrozen (0), Frozen/Explicit (1), Frozen/Upgrade (2), or Unfrozen/Parallel (3)
property FrozenDifferent as %Boolean;
True if the frozen plan is different to what we would use if the plan was not frozen
property Hash as %String(MAXLEN=32) [ Required ];
Internal unique statement hash used as the ID for the statement.
relationship Locations as INFORMATION.SCHEMA.STATEMENTLOCATIONS(XMLPROJECTION="NONE") [ Inverse = Statement,Cardinality = children ];
property NaturalQuery as %Boolean;
Set to true for 'natural' queries which are already maximally efficient and for which we do not collect any statistics as the overhead of statistical collection would have a significant impact on the statement performance.
property Packages as %Library.List;
Value of packages argument passed to SQL compiler when the statement was compiled
property ParentHash as %String(MAXLEN=32) [ Required ];
Hash of this statement's parent statement. Only defined if this is a recursive compile for %PARALLEL statements. This references the root parent's hash.
property Plan as list of %Binary(MAXLEN=65536);
Query plan
relationship PrivilegeRelations as INFORMATION.SCHEMA.STATEMENTPRIVOBJECTS [ Inverse = Statements,Cardinality = children ];
relationship Relations as INFORMATION.SCHEMA.STATEMENTRELATIONS [ Inverse = Statement,Cardinality = children ];
property SQLSchemaPath as %Library.List;
Value of %sqlSchemaPath when the statement was compiled
property SqlComp as %String(MAXLEN=32);
SQL Compilation mode, Logical, Odbc, Display, Runtime, etc., when the statement was compiled
property StatAverage as %Double [ Calculated ];
Average time spent running this query
property StatCount as %Integer;
Total number of times we have recorded this query being run
property StatFirst as %Date;
First day we recorded statistics from running this query
property StatStdDev as %Double [ Calculated ];
Standard deviation of the time measurement for this query
property StatTotal as %Double;
Total time spent running this query
property StatVariance as %Double;
Variance in time from running this query
property Statement as %String(COLLATION="SQLSTRING(150)",MAXLEN=262144);
property Switch as %String(MAXLEN=32);
Value of %switch when the statement was compiled
property Timestamp as %TimeStamp;
Timestamp value for when the plan was saved.
property Version as %String(MAXLEN=200);
$zversion string for when the plan was saved.