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persistent class Provider.Kits extends %Persistent, Provider.CommonMethods, Provider.CommonProperties, %SYSTEM.Help


Parameters Properties Methods Queries Indices ForeignKeys Triggers
8 1 1


BuildNumber Description ModifiedTimeStamp Name
Platform Product Size TarFile
Type Version

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• property BuildNumber as %String [ ReadOnly ];
• property ModifiedTimeStamp as %String(MAXLEN=64) [ ReadOnly ];
Last modification time stamp.
• property Platform as %String [ ReadOnly ];
• property Product as %String [ ReadOnly ];
• property Size as %Integer [ ReadOnly ];
• property TarFile as %String(MAXLEN=256);
• property Type as %String [ ReadOnly ];
Adhoc, Release, FT
• property Version as %String [ ReadOnly ];


• query List(Names As %String = "*")
Selects Name As %String, Description As %String, Product As %String, Version As %String, BuildNumber As %String, Platform As %String, Type As %String, Date As %String, Size As %String, TarFile As %String
List kits.

Names - Comma separated list of Device names
"*" - All records match
"String,String1" - Any records matching one of these elements
"String*" - Any record starting with "String"
"String,String1*,String2" - Any record mathing one of these elements, or starting with "String1"
Note: This query may change in future versions


• index (NameLowerCaseIndex on NameLowerCase) [IdKey];

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