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persistent class SYS.Process extends %SYS.ProcessQuery

This class provides several instance methods which operate on a process instance.
Properties/Storage/Queries are inherited from the %SYS.ProcessQuery class. The methods declared here are protected methods which can only be executed on a process if they have write access to the %DB_CACHESYS resource (i.e. can write to the CACHESYS database.) The process executing this query must be in the %SYS namespace.


Parameters Properties Methods Queries Indices ForeignKeys Triggers


CSPSessionID CanBeExamined CanBeSuspended CanBeTerminated
CanReceiveBroadcast ClientExecutableName ClientIPAddress ClientNodeName
CommandsExecuted CurrentDevice CurrentLineAndRoutine CurrentSrcLine
DataBlockWrites EscalatedRoles GlobalBlocks GlobalDiskReads
GlobalReferences GlobalUpdates InTransaction IsGhost
JobNumber JobType JournalEntries LastGlobalReference
LicenseUserId LinesExecuted Location LoginRoles
MemoryAllocated MemoryPeak MemoryUsed NameSpace
OSUserName OpenDevices Pid PidExternal
PrincipalDevice Priority PrivateGlobalBlockCount PrivateGlobalReferences
PrivateGlobalUpdates Roles Routine StartupClientIPAddress
StartupClientNodeName State Switch10 UserInfo

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%SyncTransport %UnlockExtent %UnlockId %ValidateIndices
%ValidateObject ExamStackByPid GetCPUTime GetLoginRoutine
GetOSUsername GetOpenDevices Help KillAllPrivateGlobals
NextProcess Open ProcessTableSize ReleaseAllLocks
Resume Suspend Terminate


• classmethod ProcessTableSize() as %Integer
Current size of the process table (number of process slots).
• method ReleaseAllLocks() as %Status
Release ALL locks.
Release all locks for the process.
• method Resume() as %Status
Resume a process.
Resumes a process after it had previously been suspended.
• method Suspend() as %Status
Suspend a process.
Put a process into a wait state so it stops executing code.
• method Terminate(SendError As %Integer = 0) as %Status
Terminate a process.
Kills a process by sending it a halt message.
If SendError is 1 the killed job will issue a <RESJOB> error and invoke the ^%ETN utility.

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