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Private  Storage   


serial class %BI.BoardObject extends %SerialObject, %XML.Adaptor


Parameters Properties Methods Queries Indices ForeignKeys Triggers
41 8


AllowMultiSelect Caption Condition ControlID
ControlName ControlType CustomCode DataClass
DefaultVal DetailField Dimension DisplayType
FilterObject Height ImageID ImageID2
ImageID3 ImageName ImageName2 ItemPicture
ItemPicture2 ItemPicture3 KPI KPIFilter
LeftCord MixStr MixStr2 MixStr3
OnStartup OutputVariable Param PostAction
RefreshTrigger Schema SchemaName SecurityInquiry
SecurityLevel ToolTips TopCord Width

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XMLSchemaNamespace XMLSchemaType eDefaultValGet


• property AllowMultiSelect as %Boolean;
• property Caption as %String(MAXLEN=25000,TRUNCATE=1);
• property Condition as %String(MAXLEN=25000,TRUNCATE=1);
• property ControlID as %String(TRUNCATE=1);
• property ControlName as %String(TRUNCATE=1) [ Calculated ];
• property ControlType as %Integer;
• property CustomCode as %String(MAXLEN=25000,TRUNCATE=1);
• property DataClass as %String(TRUNCATE=1) [ Calculated ];
• property DefaultVal as %String(MAXLEN=20000,TRUNCATE=1);
• property DetailField as %String(TRUNCATE=1);
• property Dimension as %String(TRUNCATE=1);
• property DisplayType as %Integer;
• property FilterObject as %String(MAXLEN=25000,TRUNCATE=1);
• property Height as %String;
• property ImageID as %String(TRUNCATE=1);
• property ImageID2 as %String(TRUNCATE=1);
• property ImageID3 as %String(TRUNCATE=1);
• property ImageName as %String(TRUNCATE=1) [ Calculated ];
• property ImageName2 as %String(TRUNCATE=1) [ Calculated ];
• property ItemPicture as %GlobalBinaryStream;
• property ItemPicture2 as %GlobalBinaryStream;
• property ItemPicture3 as %GlobalBinaryStream;
• property KPI as %String(MAXLEN=25000,TRUNCATE=1);
• property KPIFilter as %String(MAXLEN=25000,TRUNCATE=1);
• property LeftCord as %Integer;
• property MixStr as %String(MAXLEN=20000,TRUNCATE=1);
• property MixStr2 as %String(MAXLEN=20000,TRUNCATE=1);
• property MixStr3 as %String(MAXLEN=20000,TRUNCATE=1);
• property OnStartup as %Boolean;
• property OutputVariable as %String(TRUNCATE=1);
• property Param as array of %String(MAXLEN=99999,TRUNCATE=1);
• property PostAction as %String(MAXLEN=25000,TRUNCATE=1);
• property RefreshTrigger as %String(MAXLEN=25000,TRUNCATE=1);
• property Schema as %String(TRUNCATE=1);
• property SchemaName as %String(TRUNCATE=1) [ Calculated ];
• property SecurityInquiry as %String(TRUNCATE=1);
• property SecurityLevel as %String(TRUNCATE=1);
• property ToolTips as %String(MAXLEN=20000,TRUNCATE=1);
• property TopCord as %Integer;
• property Width as %String;
• property eDefaultVal as %String(TRUNCATE=1) [ Calculated ];


• method ControlNameGet() as %String
This is a Get accessor method for the ControlName property.
• method DataClassGet() as %String
This is a Get accessor method for the DataClass property.
• method GetDataClass(dmid As %String) as %String
• method GetSchemaName(dmid As %String) as %String
• method ImageName2Get() as %String
This is a Get accessor method for the ImageName2 property.
• method ImageNameGet() as %String
This is a Get accessor method for the ImageName property.
• method SchemaNameGet() as %String
This is a Get accessor method for the SchemaName property.
• method eDefaultValGet() as %String
This is a Get accessor method for the eDefaultVal property.