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Private  Storage   


abstract class %BI.WebKnowledge


Parameters Properties Methods Queries Indices ForeignKeys Triggers


AddCategory AddPivotAsKBCat CheckExistence CheckPermission
CheckRestrictions CountSubCat DelListType DelPost
DeleteCategories DispChildCatListings DispThread DisplayUpCategory
EditPost GenBrdCrumbThread InitializeKB LoadAddCatForm
LoadBrdCrmbs LoadEditCatForm LoadPagesIndex RefreshThread
RetrieveCategoryName SaveEditArea SaveListType SortThread
UpdateCategory ViewPivotCat changePerson checkIfUnsubscribe
checkPass checkUsername loadListType loadUserDetail
preModule saveMailThread saveUserDetail subscribe


• classmethod AddCategory(parentID, catName, catCnsltant, catDscrption, thrOrder, pstOrder, thrOrderBy, helpdesk, postTitle, viewers, module, preModule)
• classmethod AddPivotAsKBCat(pivID)
This method will add a pivot created by the user as a cat in the Knowledge Base Category : Pivot
• classmethod CheckExistence(currentUser, catID)
• classmethod CheckPermission(currID)
• classmethod CheckRestrictions(currParentID, mode)
• classmethod CountSubCat(parentID As %String) as %String
• classmethod DelListType(type, id)
• classmethod DelPost(postID, threadID, currID)
• classmethod DeleteCategories(parentID, selectedPage)
• classmethod DispChildCatListings(catID, start, offset)
• classmethod DispThread(catID, scrollLvl, offSet, S1, P1, P2, T1)
• classmethod DisplayUpCategory(currID)
• classmethod EditPost(postID, currID, threadID, postTitle, postMessage, status, priority, typePost, module, type)
• classmethod GenBrdCrumbThread(catID, down, offSet)
• classmethod InitializeKB()
• classmethod LoadAddCatForm()
• classmethod LoadBrdCrmbs(childID)
• classmethod LoadEditCatForm(catID)
• classmethod LoadPagesIndex(parentID, catPerPage, selectedPage, slots)
• classmethod RefreshThread(postID, threadID, currID)
• classmethod RetrieveCategoryName(CategoryId)
• classmethod SaveEditArea(currID, threadID, text)
• classmethod SaveListType(type, id, first, second, third)
• classmethod SortThread(sortID As %String)
• classmethod UpdateCategory(parentID, catName, catCnsltant, catDscrption, thrOrder, pstOrder, thrOrderBy, helpdesk, postTitle, viewers, module, preModule)
• classmethod ViewPivotCat(pivID)
• classmethod changePerson(selID, val, threadID, catID, sequent)
• classmethod checkIfUnsubscribe(threadId)
• classmethod checkPass(oldPass, newPass, confirmPass)
• classmethod checkUsername(username)
• classmethod loadListType(type, id)
• classmethod loadUserDetail()
• classmethod preModule(value)
• classmethod saveMailThread(value)
• classmethod saveUserDetail(username, newPass, emailAddr)
• classmethod subscribe(value)
• classmethod unsubscribe(value)