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Private  Storage   


class %CSP.StudioTemplateMgr

Provide a place to put the queries for the Studio templates and the other management functions.


Parameters Properties Methods Queries Indices ForeignKeys Triggers
7 1


AddTemplate NewTemplateTypes TemplatesClose TemplatesExecute
TemplatesFetch TemplatesFetchRows UpdateTemplates


• classmethod AddTemplate(name As %String, mode As %String, pagename As %String, description As %String, classname As %String, typelist As %String, interactive As %Boolean, global As %Boolean = 0, id As %String = "", nooutput As %Boolean = 0, accelerator As %String = "", group As %String = "", nonmodal As %Boolean = 0) as %Status
Add this template to the list used by the template query.
• classmethod NewTemplateTypes(ByRef types As %String) as %Status
Return an array of the types of 'new' documents the templates can create
• classmethod TemplatesClose(QHandle As %Binary) as %Status
Close method for Templates query
• final classmethod TemplatesExecute(ByRef QHandle As %Binary, Type As %String = "", Name As %String = "") as %Status
Execute method for Templates query
• classmethod TemplatesFetch(ByRef QHandle As %Binary, ByRef Row As %List, ByRef AtEnd As %Integer = 0) as %Status
Fetch method for Templates query Fetch returns the next row in the query.
• classmethod TemplatesFetchRows(ByRef QHandle As %Binary, FetchCount As %Integer = 0, ByRef RowSet As %List, ByRef ReturnCount As %Integer, ByRef AtEnd As %Integer) as %Status
TemplatesFetchRows returns the next FetchCount rows in the query.
• classmethod UpdateTemplates(flag As %String = "") as %Status
This will scan the directory with the templates in to see if any need to be recompiled because they have changed. If they do they will be recompiled with the flag flags.


• query Templates(Type As %String = "MAC", Name As %String = "")
Selects Name As %String, Description As %String, Url As %String, Type As %String, Interactive As %Boolean, NoOutput As %Boolean, Accelerator As %String, RealName As %String, Group As %String, NonModal As %Boolean
Return the list of templates that we have for use with Studio. The Type can be the name of the type or '*' to return all the non-New templates. If you specify a value for Name then it will just return the templates that match this Name in case you already know which template you are interested in.