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class %Installer.Manifest extends %XGEN.AbstractDocument

Manifest document for a installer manifest.


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CaptureIO Title children name skipChildren

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• parameter NAMESPACE = "INSTALLER";
This is the XML namespace for INSTALLER documents.
• parameter ROOTCLASSES = "%Installer.Manifest:Manifest";
This is a comma-separated list of the classes whose xml elements can be used as the root level element of a document separated with a ':' and the XML tag name to correlate this with e.g. "User.Person:person,User.Company:company".
• parameter XMLNAME = "Manifest";
This is the XML name of this document.
This is the value to be used for the XMLNamespace keyword for XData blocks containing this type of document.


• property CaptureIO as %Boolean [ InitialExpression = 0 ];
Enable to capture I/O for logging purposes
• property Title as %String(MAXLEN=512);
Title of this installer manifest

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