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Private  Storage   


class %Monitor.System.Servers extends
%Monitor.System.Adaptor, %Monitor.System.Abstract

Monitor System servers.


Parameters Properties Methods Queries Indices ForeignKeys Triggers
11 3


Buffers GloKills GloRefs GloSets IJCw0
IJCw1 Locks Requests ServerName

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• property Buffers as %Monitor.Integer;
• property GloKills as %Monitor.Integer;
Global kills received
• property GloRefs as %Monitor.Integer;
Global references received
• property GloSets as %Monitor.Integer;
Global sets received
• property IJCw0 as %Monitor.Integer(CAPTION="IJC messages received/written");
Incoming net IJC messages received and written to the IJC device
• property IJCw1 as %Monitor.Integer(CAPTION="IJC messages received/not written");
Incoming net IJC messages received and NOT written to the IJC device
• property Locks as %Monitor.Integer;
Lock commands received
• property Requests as %Monitor.Integer;
Requests received
• property ServerName as %Monitor.String;
Server name


• method GetSample() as %Status
Get server metric sample A return code of $$$OK indicates there is a new sample instance. A return code of 0 indicates there is no sample instance.
• method Initialize() as %Status
Initialize server metrics
• method Startup() as %Status
On Startup enable PERFMON