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class %SOAP.WebRequest extends %SOAP.WebClient

%SOAP.WebRequest is class to use XML document for SOAP request.


Parameters Properties Methods Queries Indices ForeignKeys Triggers
1 1


AddressingIn AddressingOut Attachments Base64LineBreaks
BodyId BodyXmlId ContentId ContentLocation
ContentType GzipOutput HTTPVersion HeadersIn
HeadersOut HttpAccept202 HttpFollowRedirect HttpInitiateAuthentication
HttpPassword HttpProxyAuthorization HttpProxyHTTPS HttpProxyPort
HttpProxySSLConnect HttpProxyServer HttpProxyTunnel HttpRequest
HttpRequestHeaderCharset HttpRequester HttpResponse HttpUsername
ImportHandler IsMTOM Location MTOMRequired
OpenTimeout OutputTypeAttribute Password PolicyConfiguration
RMSession ReferencesInline RequestMessageStart ResponseAttachments
ResponseContentId ResponseContentLocation SAXFlags SSLCheckServerIdentity
SSLConfiguration SSLError SecurityContextToken SecurityIn
SecurityNamespace SecurityOut SessionCookie SoapBinary
SoapBinaryCharset SoapFault SoapVersion Timeout
Transport UsePPGHandler Username WSANamespace

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NormalizeName ResetHttpHeaders SendSOAPBody SendSOAPRequest
SetHttpHeader StartSecureConversation WSCheckSignatureConfirmation WSSecurityLogin



• parameter SERVICENAME = "XMLBody";
Dummy service name when used to just send XML body


• method SendSOAPBody(Action As %String, OneWay As %Boolean = 0, Request As %CharacterStream, ByRef Response, methodName As %String) as %Status
The SendSOAPBody method of %SOAP.WebClient will send an XML document as the body of a SOAP request and return the response body as an XML document. The arguments to this method are:
Action is the SOAPAction for the SOAP request.
If OneWay is 1 (true) then no response is expected.
Request is the body of the SOAP request in the character set of the current locale.
Response will be set to the body of the SOAP response message either as a stream or %XML.Node. If Response is a character stream, the body of the SOAP response will be written in the character set of the current locale.
If Response is "", then a new character stream will be created and assigned to Response.
If Response is an %XML.Node, then the %XML.Node will be set to point to the body DOM.
methodName is an optional name of the method being called which is used to select the WS-Policy.
The Location property of %WebClient must be set to the endpoint of the web service before SendSOAPBody is called.
Properties of %SOAP.WebClient such as HeadersIn, HeadersOut, Timeout, etc. may be used with the SendSOAPBody call.