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class %UnitTest.SQLDataRegression extends %UnitTest.SQLRegression

Extend this class to create a regression test when .data files are used to load data into tables.


Parameters Properties Methods Queries Indices ForeignKeys Triggers
4 2


Debug SkipTest

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List that correlates XML tags in a data file with classes. Tag/class entries are in the form tag:class, tag1:class1, tag2:class2. Each entry is like setting the DATATAG and DATACLASS parameters, but the CORRELATIONLIST sets several tag/class pairs in one parameter. If CORRELATIONLIST, DATACLASS, and DATATAG are all specified, the DATATAG and DATACLASS pair are added to the end of the CORRELATIONLIST.
• parameter DATACLASS;
Specifies a class, such as Sample.Person, which should be correlated with the XML tag specified by DATATAG, such as <person>, in the DATAFILE.
• parameter DATAFILE;
File that contains data in XML format, such as Person.data. If no directory name is specified by RunTest, then the current UnitTest directory is used.
• parameter DATATAG;
Specifies an XML tag in DATAFILE, such as <person>, which should be correlated to the class specified by DATACLASS, such as Sample.Person.


• method OnBeforeEachTest() as %Status
Method to clean up before each Test method is executed.
• method reloadDATA() as %Status
Method that handles the reloading of data from the DATAFILE for each Test method in SQLRegression