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Private  Storage   


persistent class %WebStress.Control extends %Persistent, %XML.Adaptor


Parameters Properties Methods Queries Indices ForeignKeys Triggers
15 25 1


AppServerStatus ErrorText GeneratorStatus Jobs
MonitorJob ProcessStatus Progress RunDescription
RunNumber Status SystemIdentifier Test
TimeDiff TimeStart TimeStop

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SetError SetProgress StartMonitor StartPrepare
StartProcs SystemID TestStart TestStop
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• property AppServerStatus as array of %WebStress.Control.AppServers;
An array constructed when the encryption flag is being changed on the application servers
• property ErrorText as %String(MAXLEN=255,TRUNCATE=1);
A description of the last error
• property GeneratorStatus as array of %WebStress.Control.GeneratorStatus;
Shows the control status on each generator
• property Jobs as array of %String(TRUNCATE=1);
The list of jobs running on a generator
• property MonitorJob as %String(TRUNCATE=1);
The job number of the monitor process
• property ProcessStatus as array of %WebStress.Control.Processes;
An array showing the number of processes started on each generator
• property Progress as array of %WebStress.Control.Progress;
An array containing the progress of the test preparation
• property RunDescription as %String(TRUNCATE=1);
A description of this run
• property RunNumber as %Integer;
Incremental number associated with each test
• property Status as %String(DISPLAYLIST=",Unknown,Preparing,Waiting,Warmup,Recording,Cooldown,Stopping,Stopped,Error",TRUNCATE=1,VALUELIST=",0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8") [ InitialExpression = 0 ];
The status code associated with the test
• property SystemIdentifier as %String(TRUNCATE=1);
A string uniquely identifying this system (hostname_namespace_manager's directory)
• property Test as %String(TRUNCATE=1);
The test identifier
• property TimeDiff as %Integer;
The time difference (secs) between the starting machine and the other generators
• property TimeStart as %TimeStamp;
• property TimeStop as %TimeStamp;


• classmethod AnyTestsRunning() as %Integer
• classmethod BuildResultIterations(TestID As %Integer, RunID As %Integer, desc As %String = "")
• classmethod CheckGeneratorIsRunning(testID As %String) as %Status
• classmethod CheckGeneratorRunStatus(testID) as %Status
• classmethod Clean() as %Status
• classmethod GeneratorIsRunning(testID As %String, senderID As %String) as %WebStress.Control.GeneratorStatus
• classmethod GeneratorProcs(testID As %String, runNumber As %Integer, runDescription As %String) as %Status
• classmethod GeneratorRunStatus(testID As %String, senderID As %String) as %WebStress.Control.GeneratorStatus
• classmethod GetAppServerStats(testID As %Integer, runID As %Integer, ByRef appServerStats As %String)
• classmethod GetErrors(testID As %String, runID As %Integer, scriptID As %String) as %GlobalCharacterStream
• classmethod GetGeneratorDetails(testID As %String, ByRef generators As %String) as %Status
• classmethod GetMaxRunNumber(testID As %String) as %Integer
• classmethod Monitor(runNumber As %Integer, testID As %String, senderID As %String, runDescription As %String)
This is the background process that will monitor the progress of the run
• classmethod Prepare(testID As %String, runDescription As %String) as %Status
• classmethod RunningCount(testID) as %Integer
• classmethod SavePage(saveDir As %String, scriptID As %Integer, iteration As %Integer, url As %String, response As %Stream.GlobalCharacter)
• classmethod SetAppEncrypt(testID As %String, value As %Integer) as %Status
• classmethod SetError(testID As %String, status As %String, message As %String)
• classmethod SetProgress(testID As %String, message As %String)
• classmethod StartMonitor(runNumber As %Integer, testID As %String, senderID As %String, runDescription As %String) as %String
• classmethod StartPrepare(testID As %String, runDescription As %String) as %String
• classmethod StartProcs(testID As %String, runNumber As %Integer, param As %Integer, senderID As %String, senderTime As %Integer) as %WebStress.Control
This prepares all the background processes ready for the test
• classmethod SystemID() as %String
• classmethod TestStart(testID As %String) as %Status
• classmethod TestStop(testID As %String) as %Status


•index (Test on Test,SystemIdentifier) [IdKey,PrimaryKey,Unique];