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persistent class %XML.Catalog extends %Persistent, %XML.Adaptor

SQL Table Name: XCatalog

This class represents an XML catalog. It defines a database of associations between PUBLIC document identifiers and the URLs for their DTD and/or schema files. This class is used by the XML.CatalogResolver class when it resolves DTD and Schema references.


Parameters Properties Methods Queries Indices ForeignKeys Triggers
3 7 1


Keyword PublicId URL

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• property Keyword as %String(MAXLEN=20) [ Required ];
The Keyword for a Catalog entry. Currently only PUBLIC is supported
• property PublicId as %String(MAXLEN=200) [ Required ];
The Public Identifier string for a Catalog entry.
• property URL as %String(MAXLEN=200) [ Required ];
The URL string for a Catalog entry.


• classmethod DisplayCatalog()
Display the contents of the XML Catalog to the console.
• classmethod FindURL(publicId As %String) as %String
Find the URL for a given Public Identifier.
• classmethod IsEmpty() as %Boolean
Test if the Catalog is empty
• classmethod Load(filename As %String) as %Status
Load a Catalog File
• classmethod LoadDefault() as %Status
Reset and load the default catalog.
• classmethod Reset()
Clear the contents of the catalog.
• classmethod ResolvePublic(publicId As %String) as %AbstractStream
Return an open Stream object that contains the DTD for a given Public Identifier.
The caller is responsible for closing the stream.


•index (PubIdIDX on PublicId) [Unique];