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Private  Storage   


class %XML.CatalogParser extends %Library.RegisteredObject

An XML Catalog file parser.
This is used by the %XML.Catalog class.
Use as follows:

	Set parser = ##class(%XML.CatalogParser).%New()
	Set sc = parser.Start("\dbdtd\docbook.cat"),!
	While (parser.NextElement(.el)) {
		// el will contain the values for this element
		// as subscripts


Parameters Properties Methods Queries Indices ForeignKeys Triggers
9 6


AtEnd BPos Buffer ColNo ErrorMsg
InStream LastColNo LineNo UndoBuffer

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End Error NextElement NextToken
Start UndoToken


• property AtEnd as %Boolean;
• property BPos as %Integer;
• property Buffer as %String;
• property ColNo as %Integer;
• property ErrorMsg as %String;
• property InStream as %AbstractStream;
• property LastColNo as %Integer;
• property LineNo as %Integer;
• property UndoBuffer as %String;
holds the last "undone" token


• method End()
• method Error(text As %String)
Display an error message
• method NextElement(ByRef element As %String) as %Boolean
Find and return the next element in the catalog
element returns the values of the element as subscripts.
• method NextToken() as %String
Return the next token from the InputStream
• method Start(file As %String) as %Status
Begin parsing the given Catalog file
• method UndoToken(token As %String)
Put back a token into the input stream