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%XSQL.Exception This is an exception class for %XSQL processing. It supports SQLCODE, SQLSTATE, as well as conversion of message codes and text from one message domain to another. This is useful for reporting a Cache SQLCODE error as an Informix error code or an SQL Server error code. TODO: The implementation of this class needs to be completed. This is just a shell right now. This is replaced by %SQL.Exception and this class should not be used.


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Code Data InnerException Location Message
Name SQLCode Severity

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• property Message as %String(MAXLEN="");
Additional free text information about the error, may be null
• property SQLCode as %String(MAXLEN="");
SQLCode of this error, may be null
• property Severity as %Integer(MAXVAL=25,MINVAL=0);
Severity is an indication as to the severity of the error being reported. The value, 0-25, not only provides information, it is a hint to the error processor as to what action to take. For TSQL this means returning control to the current batch or procedure at the point following the statement reporting the error, exiting the current batch or procedure or terminating the connection. TSQL defines severity of 10-19 as transferring to the CATCH block. Cache will exit the current procedure if severity is > 19.